To obtain your copy through PayPal of Belfast Born Bred And Buttered go to the Rushlight Publication page. One reader had this to say of it, "It is the best book on Belfast I have read". You can also pick up a copy at 78 Andersonstown Park at anytime.

50p??, believe it or not the first Rushlight back in 1972 cost 2p, now I feel old.

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Welcome To Andersonstown

Andersonstown Residents 100 Years Ago

                             [right hand side]
     Sands, Robert, labourer
     Young, Samuel, labourer
     Robinson, John, labourer
     Thompson, Joseph, labourer
     Irvine, Wm., gardener
     Morrison, Jas., labourer
Duffin, C. H., managing director Ulster Spinning Co. Ltd.
                            Roseland House
     Bullick, Wm., farmer
     Roseland National School - Thos. McCrea, principal
     Crealy, John, publican
                              Fruit Hill Park
     Sinclair, Robt., chief general clerk Belfast Harbour Commissioners
     Evans, Mrs.
     Thompson, J., Excise officer
     Chambers, Samuel, clerk (Montana)
     Atteridge, Wm., D.I., R.I.C.
     Hicks, H. C., thread manufacturer
     Sinclair, Robt., clerk
     Brown, J.
                               Lever Lesson
     Robinson, H., warehouseman
     McGinley, Jos., mineral water manufacturer (Ardmor)
                                The Manse
     Gibson, Rev. J. W., M.A., of Broadway Presbyterian Church. Tel. Malone 317
     Sullivan, Maurice, painter and decorator
     Coates, George D. (Fruithill)
     McDonald, J., carter
                                Dahlia Lodge
     Rusk, John, dairyman
     Rusk, Jas., com. traveller
     Magee, John, dairyman (Model View)
                          Model View Cottages
     McCrea, John, labourer
     McMullan, Fred, horse dealer (Ovoca Park)
     McCrea, Thos., school master (Ardebrooke)
     Vincent, J. H. (Victoria Lodge)
                               Moyrein House
     Reynolds, W. F., engineering manager
     Graham, Adam, dairyman (Rose Lodge)
     Magee, Edward, dairyman (Fairview House)
     Patterson, A., labourer
     Kearney, A., gardener
     Gibbons, Patrick, labourer
     Duncan, D., labourer
..........Shaw's Road intersects
     Magee, James, brewer (Kilmona House)
     McDonald, S., labourer (Hillhead Lodge)
     McFarland, Wm., dairyman (Hillhead)
     McFarland, Henry, farmer (Hillhead)
     Morgan, Thos., labourer

                             [left hand side]
     McConnell, Thos., blacksmith
     Anderson, Jas., carpenter
     Millar, Wm., Corporation official
     Jefferson, J. W., cabinet maker (Cherry Hill)
     Stevenson, Thomas, farmer (Rose Cottage)
     Mitchell, Ralph
     Purdy, Miss (Rosemount House)
                             Rosemount Villas
     McCann, D., J.P., fish merchant
     McAlinden, H.,, com. agent
     Moore, Wm. J., architect (Maureen Cottage)
..........Stockman's Lane intersects
     Watters, Robt., dairyman
                           Riverside Cottages
     Gerrie, Jas., labourer
     McCann, James, labourer
     Anderson, Robt., carpenter
     McIlwrath, J., labourer
     Stevenson, John, dairyman (Rivervale House)
..........Finaghy intersects
                              Trench House
     Hamill, The Misses
                             Trench Lodges
     McKinty, Jas., gardener
     Brady, Wm., coachman
     Montgomery, Hugh, land steward
     Gilmore, Henry, labourer
     Morgan, Jos., labourer